Corporate & Individual Training - Make your good people even better…

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Senior Management Training & Consultancy

Each consultancy is unique to the client. While we typically see recurring themes, each solution is unique to the culture and processes of the client. Engage us at no fee to explore if we can assist you with any issues you have. Common problems we solve include:

  • Organisational - Silos Culture
  • Behavioural - no buy in, too busy
  • Scheduling - finding critical path. Slack?
  • EVMS - what it really is, and is not.
  • Ownership - the absence of.
  • Responsibilities - Unclear

Advanced Project Training

  • Applies to senior project managers who want to take themselves to the next level.
  • Covers advanced management techniques focussing on leadership and interpersonal skills - assumes knowledge of the tools of the trade. Tailored to suit you specific needs. Contact us to discuss.
  • Assumes the basics of project management
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PRINCE2® ... With A Twist!


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  • The entry level course designed to take someone from zero knowledge to a highly competent driver of the key project management tools making them immediately useful in project coordination.
  • Trains to a very high standard in creation and maintance of project schedules in MS Project as well as understanding risk management.
  • Assumes no knowledge of project administration